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“Everything is theoretically impossible until it is done.”

- Robert A. Heinlein -

Mechanical Behavior

Lead Researcher

A study on carbon fiber reinforced polymer and titanium tubular lap joints and the effect of hybrid adhesives, temperature, and geometrical configurations.

Material of composite product dark carbo


Lead Researcher

An analysis of the patterns on a geckos foot and its effect on fracture controllability and damage progression of adhesives. 

Close up Gecko leg, Fingers of Gecko on

Machine Learning

Lead Researcher

An investigation on the utilization of artificial intelligence for optimizing complex lightweight structural architectures.

Big data and artificial intelligence con


Co-Founder and CEO 

A startup with the aim to develop better dressings for chronic wound care, allowing patients to live a life not restricted by a wound.

Close-up hand wear medical gloves  Of Doctor Hand Tying Bandage On The Leg Of Patient In C
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